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werewolves and vampires exist
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Rainbow Dash1 by KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt Rainbow Dash1 :iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 3 11 Monster Concept 1 by KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt Monster Concept 1 :iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 4 2 Frankenstein Lady with an Ermine by KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt Frankenstein Lady with an Ermine :iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 0 3 The Lady of The Ring by KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt The Lady of The Ring :iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 0 6
Why do you cry,
When you should be laughing?
Why do you avoid time,
When it's always catching up to you?
Who are you to give advice,
When you take none yourself?
Why do you hide,
When you should be open?
Why do you push people away,
When you need them the most?
We're here to help,
Doctor Who.
Because that's what companions are for.
:iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 0 1
The Sky War
There's a war going on,
up in the sky.
Did you know?
Can you hear it?
Hear the cannons,
Can you hear it?
Hear the guns,
Can you hear it?
Hear the people,
:iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 0 1
Love is...
Caught in plain thinking,
My brain is sinking,
Into the depths of my heart it goes.
Each thump of my heart,
Begins a wonderful start,
To this new world I see before me.
My mind was never as clear,
Till the day you found me my dear,
And now I am free.
Trapped in darkness,
I was ever so heartless.
I was stubborn.
"Love is fake,
Love is false,"
I used to say.
Until         one              day...
In my stupid pride,
I stumbled.
In my sightless state,
I grumbled.
I sat there saying:
"Love is fake,
Love is blind."
Little did I know,
I would find:
My eyes were opened,
I can finally see.
My heart was broken,
And dead like old trees.
But dead trees,
Still have their seeds.
You greeted my heart,
Like the rain greets the soil.
And I grew...
     And grew...
         And grew...
Then my heart began to beat again.
:iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 0 5
Do Not Cry For Me
Do not cry for me,
For I am at peace.
:iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 0 0
Star Fox Vector by KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt Star Fox Vector :iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 1 3
I'm Not Special
You tell me I'm special.
I've heard that
Many times before.
Don't say it again,
You hear me?
I'm not special,
I'm just me.
I haven't saved anyone,
Nor have I been saved.
I don't feel special,
So stop telling me I am.
I don't deserve this treatment.
I never have.
So stop telling me I'm special,
Don't look at me that way.
Just turn around.
I don't want your pity,
I don't want your frowns.
Keep your thoughts to yourself,
Because I'll tell you again,
Don't tell me I'm special,
Ever again.
:iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 1 10
Heartache and Loneliness are sisters.
They always come hand in hand.
When sunlight fades,
They rule the world.
Heartache and Loneliness are sisters.
They eat away at your soul.
The days go by,
But nothing can fill the hole.
Heartache and Loneliness are sisters.
They are the sickness in my chest.
Running rampant,
Even when I'm at my best.
Heartache and Loneliness are sisters.
They are the Sun and the Moon.
Where you find one,
You'll find the other soon.
:iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 0 3
I See Beauty
I see Beauty.
Do you not?
The sun shines
But printed pictures do it no justice.
You see a Sun,
I see a pot of gold
Glimmering and spreading its wealth.
I see Beauty.
Do you not?
You see a face,
And printed pictures do it no justice.
I see emotion.
I see experience.
I see.
I see Beauty.
Do you not?
She's looking right at you,
Are you blind?
I'll help you see.
I'll help you see what I see.
She's smiling behind your darkness,
knowing that you cannot see her yet.
Don't you know?
She's waiting for you
to open your eyes,
and see no disguise.
Just life,
the way it was meant to be seen.
I see Beauty...
What about you?
:iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 0 3
When somebody Loves me
The clouds have gathered.
They await my answer.
Step by step,
I dance beneath them.
My heart,
Aflutter with sorrow,
bleeds within my chest.
With each step I take,
Come my consequence
And show me why I dance alone.
My hair melts under tears of angels.
It sticks to my face as I fall to the ground.
Then I hear the cracking,
Of glass already fragile
Before it breaks
And sheds its glimmers upon the ground.
There goes my heart.
God, there goes my heart.
There, the clouds part
And the sun warms my face.
My eyes, they close.
They don't deserve such kindness.
They stay in darkness.
Then the hand of a stranger,
Lifts my head to the warmth of the sun.
My eyes,
They open to see love in its purest form.
:iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 0 0
I Am The Protector
We have been friends
For quite some time.
I saw you a delicate flower,
And I the one that cherishes it.
I see you.
I see into you.
I see how you hurt,
And I see how it hurts me too.
You know me,
And I know you.
You are a sister to me,
And I a sibling to you.
Every time you hurt,
I feel it.
Every time you hurt,
I'm there.
I would take a bullet for you,
I really would.
I'd sacrifice my life for you,
Because I love you.
I would harm any soul,
Who would only bring you pain,
And I would be there,
To take it all away again.
I am the Protector,
I shelter you from harm.
I am the Protector,
And I would take it all for you.
:iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 1 0
Character Sketch1 by KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt Character Sketch1 :iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 1 5
My heart is broken,
And I can't find the pieces.
They've fallen to the ground,
Without any traces.
I see the stones on the street,
I see the names carved under my feet.
Gravestones of my kin,
Taken apart and destroyed by sin.
I feel the hate,
I feel the anguish.
My chest is pounding
So hard it hurts.
I see the gate of iron.
Those lying words:
"Work will set you free,"
I saw the pictures,
I saw the wooden frames.
I read the info,
And I saw the flames.
Their bodies burned,
Thinner than they were before.
But the pain is still the same.
I don't hate,
I feel remorse.
My chest hurts;
My heart is breaking.
The yellow star,
A symbol of faith,
Sewn on every faithful heart,
Not meant for understanding,
But meant for shame.
They wore it proudly
despite the names:
The soldiers called out.
I hung my head,
Silent in prayer,
For the millions of dead,
For millions of kin....
For millions of Jews...
For my lost family members...
For my opportunity
:iconkamikaze-artist:KaMiKaZe-ArTiSt 1 2

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  • Reading: The Diary of Anne Frank
I need to push myself to do my work now. I don't know what it is, but I really have been procrastinating.


Just call me Rudolph
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi! What's happening guys? Anyway, I'm just someone with an intense passion for art and drawing. It's been a dream of mine for about four years now to get into the gaming industry and create some of the visual magic in video games. I hope that within the next five years, I'm able to delve into the depths of my imagination and create a wide variety of wonderful creatures and heroes. I hope you enjoy watching me grow. :)


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